GCT Race Tracker

Login Page

If you log into the tracker, this webpage uses your name and Facebook ID to track your interest in various races.

If you don't see a "Facebook Log In" button above, please check if you have a privacy blocker installed. This tracker uses the Facebook login system.

Our privacy policy is available at this link. You are required to agree to it (and any changes) in order to use the GCT Race Tracker. As described in more detail at the link, we store your first and last name in connection with your usage of this system. In addition, if you express an interest in an event your name will be associated that event unless and until you cancel your interest or remove yourself from this system. Other than your name and Facebook ID, this Race Tracker does not access, download and/or store any other Facebook information. You must accept the use of Cookies (defined at the link) to use the site.

Remove Me?

No longer want to have your information on the tracker? You can remove yourself from the race tracker by clicking here and following the instructions. This will delete your name from our system, as well as delete the events you've indicated an interest in. Please note: if you log back into the system, your name will be uploaded again to the tracker. Also, please note, you will need to be logged into the tracker first in order to request deletion of this data.